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Tyre Pressure Monitoring System replacement parts are available on the AWA HANDEL TPMS web site for all European vehicles. AWA HANDEL TPMS offer OE replacement sensors and service kits, a growing range of AWA HANDEL TPMS replacement sensors and a full range of service valves and service kits. In addition AWA HANDEL TPMS are working with ATEQ, the world leading TPMS diagnostic manufacturer to deliver market leading TPMS tools to the market.

The AWA HANDEL TPMS vehicle checker is a continually updated resource designed to ensure that anyone, from interested vehicle owners to national tyre repair companies, can easily find out what replacement TPMS sensor or service part is required for every European TPMS-fitted vehicle available.

For the AWA HANDEL TPMS distributor, the site offers much more. Distributors have a full ecommerce ordering system allowing them to specify, choose and order all TPMS products online 24/7.

News and Updates

New ATEQ Software Available for All Devices

10th January 2017

We are pleased to announce that new software is available via WebVT for all ATEQ TPMS Diagnositc Tools.

This software release introduces some new 2017 model vehicles and new after-market programmable sensor coverage.

IMPORTANT - ATEQ Tool Update Required

Latest Software Resolves Problems

We are pleased to report that the issues affecting the previous ATEQ software versions have been resolved, so please ensure that your tools are updated to this improved version.

T-Pro Technical Bulletin

Now that the season begins many customers are programming a lot of sensors, far more than during the rest of the year. When a lot of sensors are in one place being configured, cross talk from operating sensors can bring some frustrations, which we hope this technical bulletin may reduce.

We would like to recommend some technical advice for customers when configuring the T-Pro, T-Pro 1 and T-Pro 2 sensors with ATEQ diagnostic tools.

When a T-Pro sensor is configured in an environment that is saturated with other TPMS signals (especially when many other T-Pro sensors are being configured in relatively close proximity), occasionally, rather than configuring the sensor as it should, the diagnostic tool may struggle to identify the sensor due to signal interference and come up with a "COM ERROR" message. However, usually by putting the sensor to one side, away from the other sensors, and leaving it for around an hour, customers should find that they are then able to configure the sensor successfully.

Additionally, customers can improve the configuration process by ensuring the sensors are placed around 10cm to 15cm from the diagnostic tool's LF (Low Frequency) transmitter, the small bump at the top of the tool, during configuration.


Critical Issues found with the latest ATEQ Software


An issue has been identified with the VT56 software DA1-17-12, VT46 and H46 software ##2-04-13 and VT36 and H36 software ##1-07-11.

Due to a database error the ATEQ tools cannot be used to program Schrader EZ 2.0 Sensors for the Mercedes E-Class 2016 or the BMW 7 Series 2016. Furthermore, attempting to program the sensors for these vehicles will result in the sensor becoming permanently unresponsive.

We strongly recommend that you do not attempt to use these vehicles with the EZ 2.0 Sensor at this time.

T-Pro Configuration

In addition to the above, we have also identified some issues with the diagnostic tool's ability to successfully configure the T-Pro sensor range. Many vehicles, usually those with Schrader OE Sensors, will return a "Verify Error" during the configuration of the sensors.

It appears that, despite this issue, the sensors are actually being correctly configured and will operate correctly, but this may cause confusion for customers.

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